On using our freelance marketplace platform, you usually have access to many projects. Don’t make the mistake of accepting all of them (Every order that comes through). It’s better to choose a small set of the most compelling-lets say for example 3 – 5 projects at a time—and spend the proper amount of time applying to each of them, don’t be afraid to tell a potential client that you’re busy and can’t complete the task on time if you are full with projects.

As to how to choose projects, besides the obvious considerations of platform, technologies and languages, there are a few other things to take into account below are just two out possible 10+ reasons:

Client reputation: A difficult client can make a big difference in the success of a project and in your ability to do your best work, therefore be sure to check their reviews (left by other people they’ve worked with on the platform) if they have any and communicate very well prior to accepting the project to avoid any misunderstanding in time of project delivery.

Feasibility: It seems obvious, but you have to be sure the project actually makes sense. There’s a distinction to make, though: there are cases which are not technically feasible for example a client asking you to create (an app that is capable of intercepting your thoughts and translating them into text – no technology allows that, at least not yet :]). Before to understand exactly what a client want to achieve and compare that to the possibility of you delivering that on time and that it is a fear trade for the price you’ve both agreed on.

Now that you’ve learned these few tips. get started by seeing freelance projects offered on our platform and see how you can also earn with afrilant.com

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