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About Afrilant

Afrilant is a secure online marketplace where individuals and companies trade skill-based services. The site has a comprehensive range of services for every budget and its clear, simple and secure transaction process makes it easy for anyone to buy and sell online.

With a growing global community of members, we provide the perfect platform for individuals looking to generate extra income and for companies seeking cost-effective, short term resources.

Why Afrilant vs. traditional freelance websites

Freelancers traditionally quote fees based on an individual project, client, location and project scope and often this is based on an hourly rate, the price doesn’t always reflect on the deliverables. At Afrilant however, we operate a fixed fee structure, so the price and timeframe for delivery of each service is clear from the outset. Buyers know what they are paying for prior to purchase, so there are no hidden surprises; and should anything go awry, our customer support team are on hand to get things back on track.

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